• Photo: Hybrid SUV
  • Ford Escape Hybrid AWD SUV

    If you are looking for a new hybrid SUV for 2013 and you are a Ford enthusiast, you might be disappointed to find that Ford has discontinued the Ford Escape hybrid line for the 2013 lineup. However, you can still get a 2012 Ford Escape Hybrid with AWD or 4WD options.  Full Story »

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    Toyota Highlander Hybrid AWD SUV

    The Toyota Highlander Hybrid shares a platform with the Camry: another vehicle that Toyota produces. The Highlander Hybrid is a crossover, mid size sport utility vehicle.  An alternative name for the Toyota Highlander Hybrid with all-wheel-drive SUV is the Kluger.   The Kluger name badge is sold in Japan as well as Australia.  The Kluger,  a term meaning, “wise” or “clever,” was first introduced to the Australian market in the year 2003, however, a hybrid version of the vehicle is not available in Australia at this time.  Full Story »

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    2013 Fusion Hybrid AWD

    The Ford Motor Company produces the Ford Fusion Hybrid – a vehicle that entered the 2009 mid-size car segment.  The Fusion Hybrid is a four-door sedan with an FF layout.  Ford assembles the vehicle in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.  The vehicle enters the 2013 year as a third generation sedan sporting a Ford EU4 platform.  It is 58.1 inches high by 72.9 inches wide by 191.7 inches long, and it sports a 112.2 inch wheelbase.  Full Story »

  • Photo: Black Luxury Car

    What 2011 AWD Hybrids Have To Offer

    AWD hybrids are vehicles that seemingly get better with each incarnation. Car makers are developing AWD hybrids with super safety features, exceptional fuel efficiency and innovative styling. You can shop online for one of many AWD hybrids and compare the features and specs that such vehicles offer.  Full Story »